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By Brian Leahy, Dec 30, 2010 5:00pm PST This post, like the one I'll be posting tomorrow night at your regular chatty time is little more than a comments reset to make sure things stay fresh and smooth over the New Years break.

Over break, I hope to hit level 80 in World of Warcraft so I can actually start digging into the high-level Cataclysm content. I'm about to hit 78 and I've been doing mostly quest marathons mixed in with some random dungeons. Queuing as a healer makes that go by so quickly.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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  • After the poo-poo'ing of the fondue set someone received as a Christmas gift, I decided to take the plunge and make cheese fondue this weekend. It has been an annual New Year's Eve tradition in my household when I was a child: cheese fondue, endless games of Monopoly while we had the NYE crap on TV in the background, and chocolate fondue later on.

    The hardest part: where the hell does one find a bottle of Kirsch? This cherry-flavored liqueur is apparently somewhat rare since the two liquor stores I went to last night didn't carry it. I braved the ice storm this afternoon to run an errand in another town (I live in the boonies, so EVERY errand is "in another town"), and was able to find a bottle.

    Assuming I've now started a new tradition and make cheese fondue every New Year's Eve, my $15 investment in this bottle o' booze will really pay off. At 2 tablespoons per batch of cheese fondue, and 67 tablespoons per liter, my 750mL bottle will last me... 25 years?!

    Fuck. I just hope I can find it another bottle in 2035.