Best of 2010 Awards: Xbox 360 Exclusive

By Shack Staff, Dec 29, 2010 3:00pm PST Xbox 360 Exclusive: Mass Effect 2

Though it is also available on the PC (and soon to be released on the PS3), for the purposes of this category, we were looking at console exclusives and of the bunch, Mass Effect 2 was the clear winner for the Xbox 360 this year. We loved the game's updated combat system, simplified--and console friendly--menu system, and consequences. The story captivated us as Shepard assembled a team of space toughs on his second quest to save the universe. We're eager to see which decisions and events affect the conclusion in Mass Effect 3.

I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite game on the Xbox 360.

Runner-up: Halo: Reach

Halo is Microsoft's definitive franchise and Bungie's final entry is our runner-up for best Xbox 360 game due to its enjoyable sandbox gameplay experience across campaign, Firefight, and multiplayer. We just hope the folks over at 343 Industries can follow in Bungie's footsteps because the bar has been set extremely high with Halo: Reach.

Nominees: Fable 3, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Alan Wake.

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  • 1.) Very shortly Mass Effect 2 will be on its 3rd platform.
    2.) Splinter Cell Conviction was released on PC
    3.) Fable 3 is coming to PC soon, but I can forgive that

    This is much more a linguistics problem more than anything. If you have to add the qualifiers "console exclusive for current market only" then why are you bothering to use the word "exclusive", ( in fact ,adding all those qualifiers still implies that something only appeared on consoles) . It is simply the wrong word, and if you can't find some other justification for this category then omit it altogether.

    And for those people saying that we should all pipe down. NO. This is what we are talking about when we say PC gamers are being marginalized through no fault of their own. I think it is a major problem when a website that purports to bring us correct and up to date information on video games, gives an XBOX 360 Exclusive award to a game that apparently was played on PC by the majority of its readers. (Judging by feedback and the observed community here)