Best of 2010 Awards: Shooter

By Shack Staff, Dec 28, 2010 10:00am PST Shooter: Halo: Reach

Bungie's final Halo game is arguably its best, representing all of the lessons learned from 10 years with the franchise. The campaign tells a great story within Halo's fiction and introduces us to some of the series' best characters. Firefight returns with countless improvements over ODST's incarnation making it a full-fledged mode. Multiplayer, of course, remains the game's strongest pillar with an amazing experience out of the box for both casual and serious players along with a super-charged Forge mode and Forge World, which will ensure that user-created content continues to flow for years to come. Few shooters can capture the pure-fun created by the weapons, vehicles, abilities, and physics of Halo's sandbox.

Runner-up: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Bad Company 2 triumphantly brought the series back to the PC with an class-based, visceral multiplayer mode and an enjoyable single-player campaign thrown in for good measure. Bad Company 2's objective-based multiplayer rewards teamplay and creates intense frontline-based virtual warfare that mixes infantry and vehicle combat as only the folks at DICE can do for military shooters.

Nominees: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, Metro 2033, BioShock 2, Singularity, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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  • I love both Halo Reach and BFBC2. I've put well over 100 hours into both games.

    IMO, Halo Reach is the better game.

    The core shooting mechanics are better and more satisfying. People may complain that it takes 'too many' shots to kill somebody, but that's just personal preference. Halo isn't a realistic shooter, where the first person to land the shot wins. In Halo, the damage model allows a great player to come out on top, even if their enemy got the drop on them. It's a skill game, not a reaction game. And quite frankly, the shoot/grenade/melee trifecta has yet to be matched by any FPS gameplay model. It really is exquisite.

    BFBC2, has better large-scale teamwork, obviously. And that kind of thing is very satisfying in it's own way. I love it. I love getting a squad of friends together and coming up with not only general, large-scale strategy for how to win the round, but also moment-to-moment battle tactics. Great stuff. I don't think the actual shooting is as satisfying as it is in Halo Reach though. The

    So both games absolutely excel at what they set out to do. Halo Reach wins out because of breadth and depth of content. Not only do you get amazing multiplayer. You get four-player co-op through the campaign. You get fire-fight. You get Forge. You get beautiful and seamless integration with that allows you and friends to share movies, maps, gametypes, pictures, and stats. Just an amazing experience.

    Great choice Shack.