Morning Discussion

By Xav de Matos, Dec 27, 2010 5:00am PST This week it begins, the culmination of hours of arguments in person, over email, and on the phone: the Shacknews "Best of 2010" awards.

Soon you'll read, from Garnett, how we decided on our picks. It was a long process that involved a fairly standard scoring process. Needless to say, more than a few of us were surprised by the results; however, we all agree that 2010 was one helluva year for great games.

The fact that our picks are yours may differ, I think, is a good thing. If in the end we all could easily say, "Game X was the best in all these categories and nothing else came close" it would be an extremely boring year to be a gamer.

Thankfully, that didn't happen. We look forward to hearing your picks in our multiple categories as they filter online throughout the week.

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  • Finished Epic Mickey. The story kept me going, but it wasn't very fun to play. While I didn't have the horrid camera problem that a lot of people mentioned in reviews, the platforming was frustrating and the "combat" was very uninteresting, apart from the neat concept of befriending enemies instead of killing them.

    I did like how intricate and interlocking the various quests were. In that respect, it felt very much like a PC game. The many good/evil choices throughout the game was a nice change from the trend lately of having a few BIG MORAL CHOICES at big plot points in an RPG.

    Also, the game is very grim. Those levels were depressing, and while I suppose it fits the tone of the story (which was surprisingly interesting and even moving at times) it kept me from playing for long sessions just because I wanted something less bleak to do. Perhaps if I had been to Disney World or Disney Land and recognized the areas and rides it would have meant more to me, but it just felt like a lot of grim industrial corridors.

    If you have a Wii, it's at least worth a rental. If it clicks with you, there's a lot of reason to play multiple times to see different endings.

  • Ubutu XBMC menz!
    I recently configured a HTPC system for a friend.
    It was a gigabyte H55N-USB3 combined with a core i3 540
    We installed the latest Ubutntu and XBMC and all is perky... but

    There seems to be no 5.1 surround let alone DTS/truehd over hdmi working on that machine. He has the htpc connected over HDMI to his onkyo tx-sr308 and it only does stereo.

    When I do a speakertest in ubuntu 10.10 it works just fine, finding all the channels. But in XBMC the audio device keeps on failing/not getting initialized or downmix to stereo.

    In the sound configuration tool from ubuntu there is no way to select digital surround. Only analog surround or digital stereo.
    the alsa spdif intefaces have been unmuted as many sites suggest

    what are we missing?