Morning Discussion: Festivus Edition

Has it been a whole year already? After months of build-up and anticipation, the biggest celebration of the year is here--today is Festivus.

So we here at Shacknews Towers can celebrate Festivus, and any other festivities that might happen to be coming up soon, we're not really going to be posting much news over the next few days. Besides--you'll be away from your computer yourself, won't you?

However, we will return on Monday with our picks for the Best Video Game Thing and/or Stuff of the year. The votes are in, and it almost ended in a not-safe-for-work gruesome fight, but we have ultimately decided that we did indeed respond favourably to a number of video games this year. We'll let you know which next week.

In the meantime, enjoy today, tomorrow, the day after that and, heck, the rest of your life.

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