Dungeons & Dragons Action-RPG 'Daggerdale' Announced, Packing Co-op

If you ever wished D&D had a little more "action" in its "RPG," you may be interested in Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale, announced today. For everyone else, well, is a downloadable action-RPG with support for four-player co-op of any interest? Thought so.

Described as having "intuitive pick-up-and-play combat" with "a wide assortment of weapons, feats and powers," Daggerdale will see players defending the Dalelands from "the evil Rezlus and his Zhentarim," which surely means something to D&D fans.

While Daggerdale will support co-op for up to four heroes, you can also play solo.

Coming from Scratch: The Ultimate DJ's replacement developer Bedlam Games and publisher Atari, Daggerdale is slated for a downloadable release on PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in Spring 2011. Pricing has yet to be revealed.

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