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By Brian Leahy, Dec 21, 2010 5:00pm PST Last night I went to play some BF:BC2 Vietnam and the Dallas Shack server was completely empty! What is that noise? Has the hype died off or was I trying the wrong server?

Also got in some WoW and a few games of SC2 last night. I'm not doing endgame stuff or dungeons in WoW during the week so it's very conducive to quick play sessions. As for SC2, I'm try to recover my skills and work my way back up the ladder. I'm very excited about patch 1.2 on the live game because it will allow us to setup a Shacknews chatroom!

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  • Xbox 360 'Kinect Dashboard Update'

    Why the hell did MS decide to remove the [Downloads] section for each title that you own?
    And instead move it to a completely different menu - one that takes ages to get to.
    I don't want to have to search for DLC made for games that I already own.
    Am I missing something - is there an easier way to find this stuff?

    Everything has been made less transparent. And after quitting a game - things are slow as hell too (takes up to 10 seconds to see the list of games again). But maybe that is just my HDD getting clustered?