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By Alice O'Connor, Dec 20, 2010 5:00am PST Breaking Cover by Rob Zacny is an interesting article about the impact of cover systems on games, architecturally and gameplay-wise. It is indeed highly unfortunate that cover systems do typically result in bland, same-y environments.

Do you like pretty video game models? Check out the entries in the Dominance War V mini-competition. There's some gorgeous 3D work and no mistake!

One bear's journey across the Internet. Follow the link in the story below the strip.

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  • Car Menz! Question for you all!

    So lately my car, 96 Acura 3.2 TL has been overheating a lot. Happens randomly with no warning, one second it'll be fine the next it'll heat up like a furnace. When ever it does heat up there is steam rising from the coolant reserve tank.

    I spoke to a few mechanics and they all said that it sounds like the thermo stat. The coolant reserve tank was also full yesterday.... Seems like the radiator is pushing coolant back into the reserve tank.

    The heating in the car is also messed up, it seems to be in sync with overheating. Whenever the car overheats The heating disappears until the temps come back down to normal.

    Based on all that, I've been told to get the thermostat replaced and then get a coolant flush. Does any of this sound right or is the problem something else?