Crysis 2 Trailer Lets You Be the Weapon

By Brian Leahy, Dec 17, 2010 4:00pm PST This new Crysis 2 trailer shows off the various powers of the suit you'll be donning in Crytek's 2011 game, but it does feature a ton of gameplay and a whole lot of the same enemy over and over again!

Crysis 2 is currently scheduled for release in March 2011 on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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  • Generic is the word that comes to mind. The aliens aren't anything like the ones in Crysis 1, those had emotions and self-preservation, these Borg/Geth clones are so frigging Disney: no identifiable face, no blood, no screams (just a light grunt when killed). Killing them is like removing weed from the garden, a boring and ungrateful chore. When you cleared out a base of north koreans in Crysis, you felt some accomplishment, you fought against enemies who had something to lose, not just black toasters who wade into machinegun fire.

    Also, we've seen two Alien vehicles in Crysis 1, one looked like a gigantic tarantula, the other was a beautiful, organic Charcoal-like vessel, kind of inspired by the alien ships from "The Abyss". This new crap, with the frigging "Metal Gear" walker and those Gundam Bomber Mechs, just looks like "Mitsubishi Industries" schlock from some manga, it looks nothing like the alien tech from the first game.

    Way to just throw out any unique flavor left from the first game.

  • to all the gamepad haters let me give you some info, I grew up playing Wolf3d, Doom, Duke3d, without even using a mouse, I progressed on to Quake and everything after that where mouse input was standard. I currently play and develop FPS games on console and you can be extremely agile and precise with analog sticks, sure you won't get 100% flick of a wrist precise aiming that a mouse offers, but a 360 gamepad feels perfectly naturally to me just like a mouse and you can do crazy shit with it. I will say that the PS3 analog sticks absolutely suck and are horrendous for playing FPS though in comparison to the 360 controller, but I'm sure I could learn to use them if I needed to.
    It just takes time some to get used to, like writing, or riding your bike, or even adapting to mouseLook when all you'd been used to was using page up and page down in Duke3d.
    I know you don't care, haters gonna hate, but I'm just telling you the truth. One thing to note is how easy it is to make or break FPS controls in console games, when a developer tries to simply use the analog stick just as they would with a mouse's X Y input you're gonna get shit feeling controls, some dev's coming directly from PC backgrounds don't even realize that they have 8-way WASD movement mapped to an analog stick- nasty, they just do it because that is how they did it on PC. There is a secret black art to getting your analog inputs feeling good and responsive, and no that doesn't just mean aim-assist.