Shack PSA: Mid-week PC Digital Deals and Discounts

With Christmas, Winterval, Kwanzaa and all the rest nearer than ever, the video game savings keep coming at a merry pace. This Wednesday, or 'Hump Day' as some cultures call it, brings a new round of deals, some lengthy and some for a single day.


Mid-week deals include Killing Floor for only $6.80, as part of its Twisted Christmas event, and Just Cause 2 for $7.49. There are also some large deals offering reasonable savings on IGN award nominees and Ubisoft games.

This isn't a comprehensive roundup, merely a recap of all that's sprung up in the past day or two. As ever, we'll have a more in-depth bargain-o-rama on Friday. Here's what our true loves gave us on the minus-tenth day of Christmas.


Ending on December 16 at 10am PST

Ending on December 16 at 10am PST Direct2Drive

Today only

There's also 20% off eighteen games nominated in IGN's 'Best of 2010' awards if you use the promo code ignbest at the checkout. Amongst them are Cod Blops, Civ V, Fallout: New Vegas and Super Meat Boy. Neatly, DAO - Awakening is one of these games too, netting you further savings. It's a "limited time only" deal with an unspecified end date. Your initial order must be over $19.95 to qualify.


Until December 25, the publisher is offering 33% off all its downloadable PC games.

Good Old Games

The colossal Christmas sale is still running, offering up to 50% off 290 vintage PC games. This'll end on January 3, 2011.