Section 8: Prejudice to Debut at $15 as Downloadable Game

By Brian Leahy, Dec 15, 2010 10:20am PST TimeGate Studios' Section 8: Prejudice, the follow-up to the original 2009 multiplayer-focused shooter, will debut at the delightfully low price-point of $14.99 when it is released early next year.

This pricing has been set across all three of the games platforms (PC, PS3, and Xbox 360) and the game will be sold digitally. On the PC, you'll at least have the choice between Steam and Games for Windows as your virtual place of purchasing, though I wouldn't rule out other stores.

Prejudice is a full-featured, sci-fi-themed, first-person shooter that delivers a 5-hour, story-driven single-player campaign, robust online multiplayer for up to 32 players across a variety of maps, and a new 4-player co-op game mode, entitled Swarm. As if that wasn't enough, all game modes and content will be playable offline, as the $14.99 product also includes full bot support.

Sign-ups are still open for access to the PC beta. The full-game will be released in Q1 2011.

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  • The last one was waaaay conslized. It had uber auto-aim and it felt like it didn't need much skill.

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      • 1. Autoaim is still in. Much more counters this time though.
        2. Same netcode. Leading for latency is a must.

        Autoaim or lock-on is a "strategic tool" and considered an integral mechanic.
        - can only be used on targets in the sensor network
        - can be broken by removing the target off the sensor network or simply line of sight with map objects
        - default lasts 1-2 sec and deals ~25% damage to default total shields and health in general, 30 sec recharge time
        - can be stopped by EMP ammo
        - does not magically improve weapon accuracy while standing or moving, less effective with distance

        HOWEVER... every player has lock-on, and not it's counters. You have to either equip them, or level up to unlock them. What does this mean for overall gameplay?

        Everyone shoots like normal, using their skill and reaction time to make kills on ground or air targets. Once a target has only 20-25% health left, many use lock-on to finish them. The better players use lock-on against air targets where the hit detection and netcode go totally horrible (don't bother with manual aim).

        Basically, the gameplay for infantry vs infantry gets stale very quickly, all thanks to this "strategic tool." Evasion and erratic movements means nothing if you don't have any counters equipped and are caught in open ground (which there is a lot of).

        A few people fought to remove lock-on, but the remaining community (10-20 online at best in beta out of a minimum 500, more for events) and the devs work to promote lock-on and its counters as a superior and enjoyable mechanic in an fps. Quite obvious who won, and what's left of the community.

        The fanboys and supporters (reason is the only distinction) which claim to be of Counterstrike, Unreal, Tribes, Quake, Crysis Wars, etc. origin support the lock-on system and defend it with obsession.

        People like me who would like to at least have it as a server-side choice while still having servers considered official (stats, leveling experience) are tossed out. We can be civil, we can use reason, we can explain how it affects gameplay mechanics to player attitudes for the worse... the removal or softening of human error which is different from player skill, open ground scenarios, and a lot more...

        Lock-on is here to stay in this franchise. I really want to like the game, but the community and devs are unreasonable. The $15 price is going to be used to draw in as many (digital) sales as possible, but the player retention rate will remain low. Anyone from the first game knows that.

        Also, it uses Games for Windows Live and only the 2 dev favored clans have official dedicated servers. Even in the beta.

        Sad to see a game with potential be killed by its own community and devs.

        Tribes players supporting standard issue but limited autoaim in aerial infantry vs infantry combat? WHAT?! It's worse than missile launchers, flares, and heat sources from T2, or the AVRiL from UTs.

        Now I expect some fanboys from their forums to come over and say how I don't understand the game at all, and lock-on and its counters are the best mechanics to freshen up the fps genre...