Morning Discussion

You have bought The Humble Indie Bundle #2, haven't you? If not, go ahead and do that now. It costs whatever you choose to pay. Don't forget to tip Wolfire, to thank them for organising it and encourage future Humble Bundles. Go on, off you go.

I don't have anything else to say, really. That was all. Well. Let's see. It'll be good to have Monday Night Combat on PC, won't it? And. What else? Oh.

Yes, I've been playing more WoW, having picked it up cheap in the Thanksgiving sale, and I'll be happy to stop playing once my free month expires. It's been interesting but it's not quite for me. Of course, you're automatically signed up for a recurring subscription. While the sub cancellation page has a billion options, there's no "I don't want to play this game anymore." It's quite disgusting how much the site pleads with you to continue playing or return later. They really do not want you to leave ever. In the end, I went for "I play this game too much"--"at all" being "too much."

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