Heroes of Newerth Update 2.0 Launches With New Map, Casual Mode

Developer S2 Games has launched the much-vaunted update 2.0 for Heroes of Newerth, its revamp of popular Warcraft III tactical action-RPG mod DotA. The new client can be found on FileShack in Windows, Mac and Linux flavours.

HoN 2.0 brings heaps of changes, including a new 3v3 map, friendly 'Casual Mode' and map editor. There's also now a microtransaction store for cosmetic items, including a voice pack which plays wonderfully into the stereotype of HoN players as terrible people without a shred of decency in their bodies. The long-overdue matchmaking, slated to launch with this update, is still undergoing testing and currently disabled.

Here's a peek at some 3v3 action on the new map, Grimm's Crossing:

BOOM video 7432