Prototype 2 Announced for 2012

By Brian Leahy, Dec 11, 2010 6:21pm PST Prototype 2 has been announced by Radical Entertainment and Activision for 2012, along with the game's first trailer at the Spike VGA 2010.

You apparently play as Sergeant James Heller and must become a mutated monster in order to kill Alex Mercer, the protagonist of the first game. Or something. I don't know...

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  • I'm glad Radical got a chance to make a sequel to this game. I had feared Activision had culled this when they reduced staffing at Radical a while back. It was said at the time that an unannounced game had been culled with them.

    I loved the concept of Prototype. LOVED it. I liked the implementation. I did not love it. With more time, they could have livened the city up, spruced up the variety on the people, made the military bases ...unique rather than all C&P's of one another. And avoided taking our powers in the middle of the game for a long segment where all we've learned to do is stripped and we're constantly battered. They also really needed to fix the problem of the rocket launcher bump. That is, no matter how awesome you were, you get hit by a rocket, you start bouncing and rockets just keep bouncing you. It's like a really crappy version of a Capcom fighter where you never hit the ground, just keep getting reamed. There should be like a defensive move that can break you out of it and send you slamming into the ground.

    Anyways, like I said. Prototype had a lot of flaws, but man I loved being Mercer. The mechanics of it all were very good. You are rewarded for going into the thick of it, rewarded for going on the offensive, for gobbling up pedestrians and military people like they're cotton candy, etc. Yeah. It was great.

    However, the end of the first game implied we'd be moving on, but this trailer suggests we're going to stay in NYC Crackdown2-style and I'm not entirely certain that's going to end well. I also don't much like going into a new character so soon. I feel like there was more to learn about Mercer, but given the reveal at the end of the first game about Mercer's backstory, I wonder if I'm not being punked by the character of Heller and his origin.

    I fully expect to be hunting Mercer, be hunted by the Flood/Zerg/Virus/whatever, be hunted by the military, be hunted by the Avon Ladies of NYC, and be hunted by the IRS for failing to pay my taxes while being overwhelmed by a pervasive virus. Oh, and I bet the police will be trying to arrest me for skipping out on jury duty. And then by the end, Mercer will reveal something to me about how I'm not what I think I am and he's not what I think he is and Blacklight are evil and we must go attack them.

    Setting up co-op, Mercer+Heller vs the world.

    PS: I played the first game on PC and had no problems, besides the rare crash which was expected due mostly to the fact that Activision never bothers to patch its non-Call of Duty, non-Blizzard PC games beyond one token patch and even that is rare.