Evening Reading

Both the evening and the weekend are upon us again, whether they've been confirmed or not. Not to mention that Apple named Weekend Confirmed one of the best audio podcasts in its Best of 2010 feature on the iTunes Music Store. I think that deserves a round of applause. Horn tooted.

With the holidays and 2011 right around the corner, overeating and overspending become the current priorities, as is avoiding the bony, groping hands of Old Man Winter. (He's one creepy dude.) Pretty much all of the big games for 2010 have already been released as well, meaning that between now and... well, January, it's backlog clobberin' time. Honestly, I'm just glad to be back into the swing of things after a week of vacation-induced sickness.

So, grab a cup of hot chocolate (or an Irish coffee, if that's your thing), curl up by the fire, and wrap yourself in some nice warm chatty.

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