Quake Arena Arcade Finally Coming to XBLA on December 15

Shacknews has a long, detailed history with the Quake franchise, so the announcement of a multiplayer-only Quake title coming to the XBLA was understandability huge when it happened. Or at least I suspect it was, since the game was first announced for the XBLA back at QuakeCon 2007--before my time here.

Today, Bethesda announced that Quake Arena Arcade will finally arrive on the Xbox Live Arcade platform this coming Wednesday, December 15.


The game recently reappeared after its long hiatus from the Arcade spotlight in early October, when it appeared on the Australian classification ratings board website.

Sadly, the game has yet to be priced; however, we're going to go ahead and assume it's not nearly as cheap as it is to play a version of the game right now, in your browser for free. Or mostly free that is.