Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock DLC Goes All 1990s

Remember the Nineties, yeah? With the clothes we all wore then and the way we all spoke then and the shows we watched on television then and the food we ate then, yeah? Then you might fancy the new batch of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock downloadable content, which offers five tracks from that era. Remember it, yeah?

  • The Goo Goo Dolls - "Name"
  • Marcy Playground - "Sex And Candy"
  • Matchbox Twenty - "Real World"
  • R.E.M. - "What's The Frequency, Kenneth?"
  • Sponge - "Plowed"

Launching today on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii, the tracks will cost $1.99 (160 Microsoft Points; 200 Wii Points) each. The whole lot will also come slightly discounted in the '90s Rock Track Pack' bundle for $9.49 (760 MS Points; 950 Wii Points).