The Great Steam Treasure Hunt Boasts 100-Game Grand Prize, Starts Today, Ends Dec. 20

Digi-distributor Steam has launched an interesting new contest today with an insane-o grand prize. Called 'The Great Steam Treasure Hunt,' the contest combines meta-game elements with a standard drawing, allowing participants to complete objectives for additional entries into several rounds of prize-drawings, with one lucky winner receiving The Ultimate Treasure Chest (which includes 100 games of the winner's choosing) at the contest's close.

Starting today, interested parties can head over to the contest page, where they'll be presented with the first two days worth of objectives. Each objective completed earns an additional entry into a drawing, held every two days until December 20. Every two days, twenty winners will be selected to receive five games from his/her Steam wish list. Only the first two days' worth of objectives are posted so far, ranging from the innocuous "Set up an avatar" objective, to three game-based achievements in R.U.S.E., Poker Night at the Inventory, and Chime, respectively. Conveniently, all three games featured in the first list of objectives are currently on sale.

Complete any ten objectives by the end of the contest on December 20, and you'll earn an entry into the drawing for the 100-game grand prize.

Those of you looking for some more Team Fortress 2 chapeaus also have a reason to compete. Completing 15 objectives will net you the 'Bounty Hat,' finishing 25 will get you the 'Treasure Hat,' and completing a whopping 28 objectives will earn you the 'Hat of Undeniable Wealth and Respect.'

An awesome grand prize, to be sure, though the thought of 100 new games at once is almost as anxiety-inducing as it is fantastic.