Sony Adding RPG-Like Quests to PlayStation Rewards

Taking a cue from MMOs, this post on the PlayStation blog reveals plans for 'quests' gamers can undertake as a way of earning progress in the PlayStation Rewards program. The first nine of them will go live in the ongoing beta test of the program by tomorrow. A sampling of what to expect includes the "Move It" quest for playing an eligible PlayStation Move game, "Check Your Pulse" awarded for watching the 'Pulse' show in HD on your PS3, and "No Place Like Home" for visiting the central plaza in PlayStation Home.

Completing quests will add to your progress meter, helping advance your status through the three tiers of select, pro, and legendary. What those titles will equate to beyond bragging rights remains loosely described as "eligible to win exclusive prizes and collectible memorabilia," though it's unknown how status might effect rewards. Sony announced the PlayStation Rewards program back in October, opening it up initially by invite only to the current testing phase. It will be officially launched for all this coming April.