Morning Discussion

Top magazine/blog Coilhouse has interviewed top developer Tale of Tales, if you fancy an interesting read this Monday morning. ToT and their games are surprisingly controversial amongst games--or, unfortunately, perhaps the reaction is to be expected--but I'm a big fan. I might not agree with everything they say and do, which really is only natural and sensible, but I'm delighted they're out there.

A snippet: "The non-linear, interactive medium allows the artists to actively include this indetermination, this potential infinity of meaning in the creation process. That's what makes this medium so revolutionary. And why we think it offers the artistic solution to the post-modern impasse. As a game designer, you don't need, you don't even want to offer the player a single picture, a single message. We think of our own creations as tools. Tools for exploring certain themes. We do this as creators, during the development. And the audience continues this exploration when interacting with the system."

"Yes" a thousand times. Please, do read.

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