Dino D-Day Coming to Steam on March 1

Few would argue that the world has seen no greater enemy than the Nazis. How can the Nazis be even more terrifying? When they team up with dinosaurs, that's how.

Set in an alternate history, Dino D-Day is a multiplayer shooter set in World War II where players square off against the two destructive forces. Originally released as a "prototype" Half-Life 2 mod--still available on FileShack--Dino D-Day will soon launch as a standalone, commercial product.


The game concept sounds insane and entertaining, also insane (but not entertaining) was the method in which the release date was announced. In a PR blast "sincerely" signed by Adolf Hitler, developer 800 North revealed the game's release date. Yes. A PR blast from Hitler. Who thought that was a good idea?

On March 1, 2011, PC gamers will have a chance to go toe-to-toe with the brutal Nazi soldiers and their Cretaceous era compatriots, exclusively on Steam.