Weekend Confirmed Episode 37

By Garnett Lee, Dec 03, 2010 12:00pm PST Fix yourself one last leftover turkey and stuffing sandwich and get ready for a great show. Epic Mickey and Gran Turismo 5 both arrived and headline this week's Whatcha' Been Playin? In the Warning Jeff's return to World of Warcraft gets things started and then it's on to your thoughts on having fun versus being competitive. Sales for Move and Kinect, a new squad-based shooter from Yakuza's creator, and the rest of the week's videogame news bring the show home in the Front Page.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 37 - 12/03/2010

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Whatcha' Been Playin and Cannata-ford a New Game: Start: 00:31:12 End: 01:02:04

The Warning: Start: 01:02:56 End: 01:34:40

Music Break featuring "Let Me Put You at Ease": 01:34:40 End: 01:37:50

The Front Page: Start: 01:37:50 End: 02:08:37

NFL 'Tailgate': Start: 02:09:39 End: 02:18:23

Music Break this week features "Let Me Put You at Ease" by Jonathan Carter aka graphicnapkin. For more, check out his official site and follow him on Twitter.

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  • I found the letter about the way high schoolers react to gamers depressing. I would also be very curious to find out whereabouts this took place.

    Perhaps it's just that I grew up in the suburbs, but I found high school to be much less cliquey and much more welcoming than media had always portrayed it. My high school was a very friendly place where people got along with each other regardless of their activities outside of school.

    It could also be that by the time I was in high school, online game had arrived. Gaming was not just something that you did alone in your room anymore, it was social interaction. Granted, the gender line was still there; I was the only girl I knew that truly looked at games as a hobby. But I was never once ridiculed by other girls because I like to play games. It was just something fun to do with friends. I've never been much of a TV person, but I wouldn't think of giving someone shit just because they enjoy watching the entire 4 hour NBC lineup. Why should it be any different for games?

    The adult generation of today was the first to have access to video games, but we sometimes forget that during that time, gaming was NOT cool or accepted by most. I think that's why kids today are still not fully accepting of them. Many of those people who grew up in the 80's and 90's that thought video games were for losers, or just simply didn't like playing them, are now parents. Gamers probably raise their kids in an atmosphere that includes games, but people who didn't play do the opposite. I think it's going to be a while before gaming is regarded as more than a toy.

    But that people are still looked down upon because of their (often social) recreational activity is just sad.

  • Great show boys!

    Not to start a flame war, but I was stunned to hear you guys say that GT 5 has some key features that aren't in the game yet, but will be patched in later (I think online matchmaking was one of them...?)

    After all the delays, after all the talk of taking the time to make the game perfect, HOW THE FUCK could they ship the game in an incomplete state? It blows my feaking mind!!!

    I'm sure you guys just didn't want to get bogged down and keep conversation focused on what is in the game, but to me this is the kind of thing that makes me lose all trust in a developer. After how upset Garnett was over Lara Croft shipping without online co-op, I was a little suprised he didn't throw a punch at GT 5 over the same issue.

  • Since Garnett and I seem to be on the same page as far as competitive impulses when it comes to NFS and Burnout, I thought I'd weigh in on why I personally don't quite get obsessed with Burnout times the same way I do NFS times.

    I think that, consciously or not, the fact that NFS immediately compares you to your friends makes it harder to ignore. If I drive past a Road Rules event and I see that a buddy has a faster time than me, it's just general information. I'm not quite sure how much faster he is than me or what car he did it in, or when he managed to do it.

    Compare that to Need for Speed, which IMMEDIATELY tells you that you've been beaten by a buddy, and lists your time against his right there on your speedwall. Combined with the fact that you know, in the bac of your mind, that all your shared friends are now privy to the exact same comparison, makes beating that time a matter of personal pride.

  • On the subject of holiday gaming...

    I try to play TFC around this time. When I was 14, I received the Half-Life GOTY edition for Christmas which included TFC. I started it up for the first time on and jumped into a server that was running Canal Zone 2. I was initially confused that all the grenades were presents, and for some reason I didn't get the connection and I kept playing. Shortly after, a bunch of popping noises and kazoos started playing, and a Santa-like voice said "Merry Christmas!" with a funny blurb appearing on the screen. I was completely in awe that the fact that my game just yelled out Merry Christmas to me and thought it was a coolest freaking thing ever. So now, I like to fire it up during this month and relive the memory. I still think it's cool to this day, even though it is such a simple mod.

    Another game that I try to play is Sven co-op on Christmas eve. All because about 7 years ago I downloaded it on Christmas eve to kill a few hours while my family and I waited to leave for midnight mass. I ended up having an so much fun playing it beforehand, I couldn't stop thinking about it at church. Once we got home from church I went back and played it till 4am. I didn't really play it much outside of Christmas, but since then it's always stuck.