Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Bonus Map Unlocked by Hilarious Number of Team Actions

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 03, 2010 7:30am PST Battlefield: Bad Company 2 developer DICE has revealed that its downloadable expansion 'Vietnam' will in fact contain five maps, not four as previously said, with the fifth map being unlocked by a community challenge.

The bonus map, a remake of 'Operation Hastings' from Battlefield: Vietnam, will be unlocked when Nam players have performed a whopping total of 69 million team actions. That's 69 million resupplies, revives, heals, spots and repairs.

Why 69 million? It could be that 69 is the most hilarious number known to video games or simply that the Vietnam War DLC may be set in the year 1969, much like the Battlefield 1943's bonus map challenge was to rack up 43 million kills in 2009. Unlike the BF1943 challenge, though, where each individual platform had to unlock the map separately, Nam's target is shared across all three platforms.

Vietnam is slated for a PC launch on December 18, followed by Xbox 360 and PS3 releases on December 21. It'll run you $15 (1200 Microsoft Points).

For a peek at Operation Hastings, check out the new Nam trailer below. 69, dudes!

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  • Am I the only one wondering why Bad Company 2: Vietnam is not a stand-alone expansion like what THQ/Relic has done with Company of Heroes & Dawn of War?

    I truly believe that is the absolute best way to distribute expansions. Buy the expansion alone or add it to your existing game seamlessly... win win situation for everyone.

    In my humble "e-pinion", they should've released this way, with Vietnam & BF:1943 as stand alone expansions for BC2.

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      • i dont know for sure but i think i have yet to pay for DLC since the term was coined. even before then i wouldnt really feel a need to buy it anyway, mostly due to the fact that any dlc that is released will usually be introduced after i have finished playing the game to completion or have grown bored of it, sometimes its due to the game being so poor i just give up before any extras they throw at us fail to alieviate the no doubt inumerable problems i have with the game design/bugs etc.

        on the other hand a tenner is'nt too bad for what there adding all things considered. but i imagine it wouldnt really hold my interest for long enough to make it worth while as vanilla bc2 isnt too bad at the end of the day apart from the odd warping enemy here and there and some dodgy hit reg every now and again.

        rant, my point was to say that while this seems a bit more attractive than most of the dlc shit ive seen over the years, i would much rather they took longer to release and added way, way more content and charged more money for it. or better yet just charge more for vanilla stuff and add the dlc in at release (that doesnt make any sence with bc2VN i guess but i hope you see what i mean :D)

        i bought mafia 2 having loved the original, but jesus wept what were they thinking when deciding to release vanilla with no real free roam......worst business plan ive heard in ages...utterly dire. i finished mafia2 quite quickly and i havent played it since for that reason only, liked the story and the engine but you want me to pay to be able to just bimble around town doing lul stuff without having to load the game just before the story ends, finish a quite long story arc and then save it again just so i can mop up a few achievments with most eng game weapons instead of the starter ones.....not going to happen lol :/. doh!