Gameloft Announces StarFront: Collision for iOS Devices; It Looks Really Familiar

Gameloft has announced a new real-time strategy title for iOS-powered devices, titled StarFront: Collision. Details for the game are slim; however, according to Joystiq, details will be revealed "soon."

Based on the announcement trailer, we've learned that in StarFront: Collision full-out war has brewed between three factions: the Consortium, a human mining group; the Myriad, an alien race of bug-life creatures; and the Wardens, a highly-intelligent race of sentient robots.


What are the these three factions arguing about? Why a rare mineral, of course! Yes, the major motivation in StarFront: Collision appears to be directly tied to the gathering of the 'oh so precious' mineral known as Xenodium.

It is at this time that we would like to remind you this post has nothing to do with StarCraft. Well, it massively does. But, it also doesn't. Check out the trailer after the jump and decide for yourself.