Pirates of the Burning Sea Newest MMORPG to Transition to Free-to-play

The hottest new trend in MMORPG business is transitioning a subscription-based game into a free-to-play game and Flying Lab Software's Pirates of the Burning Sea is the latest to make the change (via Massively).

nope As such, it is also subject to the requisite features matrix, which breaks down the differences between free, premium, and subscription accounts. Additional content will also be available for purchase "at Treasure Aisle, the new in-game store."

All prior subscribing members with "accounts in good standing" will automatically become Premium players. From this point forward, a single month of subscribing to the Captain's Club will convert an account to Premium, should they decide to unsubscribe from the game.

If you'd like to play, go for it... you can't beat the price.

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