Morning Discussion

After some discussion with Brian during work yesterday, we both decided to jump back into Forza Motorsport 3. Since racing is on the brain lately, what with titles like Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Gran Turismo 5 making their way into our respective collections, we both realized that we skipped over the "Ultimate Collection" package for developer Turn 10's 2009 racing sim.

For $30 (or $40 if you're Canadian), you can grab the original Forza 3 and every downloadable car pack ever released--plus a few exclusive bonuses. Since I didn't have a copy of Forza 3 anymore (gave it to a charity around launch on behalf of my old home, Joystiq) and since I've been playing a lot of racing games lately, I decided it was a good investment. So far, I'm in gorgeous car heaven with these three games.

Oh, and much to my surprise/happiness, I searched "Shacknews" in the auction house and found some great vinyl sets--including the one in the image of this post. I don't know who made the original but whoever you are allow me to say, "Great job, sir/madam!"

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