Morning Discussion

The image in today's Morning Chatty features some of my recent acquisitions, games that I have yet to play at all or decided to give another shot.

The stack is actually a lot bigger than that; however, these were the games that would fit in the header image slot. I'm a little torn because, beyond these games, I have a slew of titles on PC I'm dying to finish--like Mafia 2, StarCraft 2, and Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

Gran Turismo 5 is installing as I type this. Killzone 2 has been on my mind since my experience with the Killzone 3 beta. Fable 3 is, from what I gather, an entertaining experience. I adored the Enslaved demo, so grabbed the full product. Jeff's review of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood was so glowing that I immediately bought it. I hear the story is Silent Hill: Shattered Memories makes the game a must play, so I added that to my shelf. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is one part intense speed and two parts cop car chases from the fine craftspeople at Criterion so it's a definite must play.

Basically, the list is huge. I never thought I'd really say this honestly but, boy am I thankful for game delays. There's too much quality here (and money spent) to keep ignoring these games.

So, I ask you: Shackers, what should I focus on first?

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