OnLive Rewards 'Founding Members' With Free Games, MicroConsoles

Giving a little thanks of its own, OnLive has announced that those who've hopped onboard the gaming on demand service may be rewarded with a game or even one of the $99 new MicroConsoles for free, depending on how many games they've bought.

Those who bought one or more OnLive PlayPasses--games, essentially--before November 24 will receive another for free. If you bought two or more, you'll be able to pre-order the new $99 OnLive MicroConsole set-top box for free, paying only shipping. Both offers will end on November 30, so get your skates on if you're eligible for freebies.

OnLive announced last week that it intends to introduce a flat-rate subscription granting unlimited access to select older titles. There's no word yet on when this'll launch or how large a library subscribers will have access to.