Shack PSA: Steam Thanksgiving Sale Kicks off With Discounted Alpha Protocol, Shank, Gift Packs

With Thanksgiving mere hours away, it's time for the game discounts to ramp up into overdrive as the big daddy of PC digital distribution, Steam, has unveiled its own Thanksgiving sale, 'Give & Get.' The Steam sale takes the form of one-day sales on individual titles and bulk packs, rotating each day until Monday, November 29.

The first day's discounts include Alpha Protocol for $7.50, stab-happy Shank at $10.04, the full third season of Telltale's Sam & Max games for $10.50, ten copies of Half-Life 2 for $20, eight copies of Deus Ex for $12 and 50% off a R.U.S.E. six-pack.


Furthermore, during each day of the sale, thirty people will win be selected at random to win the top five games on their Steam wishlist. Valve gets more data and helps people to spend money on you; you get a chance to score some free video games.

Today's Steam deals follow below. Don't worry, we'll have plenty more deals for you over the next few days. Goodness knows little else will happen in the industry, and the other Shackstaff members have the rest of the week off work.