Evening Reading: All Because Myles Standish Was a Bad Shot

Thanksgiving Eve might not be as dramatic as Christmas Eve--as far as I know there's no turkey equivalent to 'Twas the Night Before Christmas--but it shares plenty of other similarities. There's lots of travel, friends and families gathered together, and a little step back from the day-to-day grind to appreciate what we have.

Whether or not you're celebrating the holiday, we hope you have a chance to enjoy some of these things. It's going to be a fairly quiet rest of the week from here on out. For tomorrow we have a couple things lined up including a preview of the Shacknews Holiday Guide, some exclusive new DC Universe Online screens, and a special holiday edition of Weekend Confirmed. And then on Friday we're breaking down holiday gift lists platform by platform as we give you the place to point anyone who asks the dreaded, "so, what do you want for Christmas?"

Here's a look at today's highlights on the Shack:

And here's a couple things for when you need a break from the fam;

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