Sports Champions Player-Stats Unleashed

BOOM widget 363267PlayStation.Blog has released some statistical play information for Sports Champions, the sports-based mini-game collection that incorporates PlayStation Move functionality.

The handy-dandy info-graphic breaks everything down, and is the second such pictograph Sony has released to tout PlayStation Move's accomplishments. Without further ado, here's a list of Sports Champions play-statistics:

  • The most popular mini-games (in order) are Table Tennis, Gladiator Duel, and Archery.
  • Kenji, Dallas, and Jackson are the most frequently selected characters.
  • Only 46% of those playing Gladiator Duel used two PlayStation Move Controllers.
  • Over 155 million arrows have been fired in the Archery game, resulting in more than 1.1 million split arrows.
  • The longest Disc Golf throw so far is 525 meters.
  • Table Tennis is the most challenging mini-game, with each rally lasting an average of 6 hits, and the CPU winning 59% of the matches played.
  • In Beach Volleyball 40% of serves were overhand, 31% underhand, and 29% were jump-serves.
  • The average in-game Facebook posts per player since launch: 7.5
  • 178 Platinum Sports Champions Trophies have been earned so far.
Just keep in mind, the statistical information above was collected from users with an active PlayStation Network connection.