Gran Turismo 5 Release Discussion, Launch Trailer

As the official PlayStation Blog reminds us, it's been five years in the making, but Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) finally made its official debut today. Many of you will be picking it up and probably have a few things to say about whether or not all that time was put to good use. We offer you this dedicated thread to discuss the high, lows, and all the rest of your impressions from Gran Turismo 5.

Our GT5 review will be little while, though. Our review copy only arrived yesterday. That allowed just enough time to get it installed before the holiday break. For a game that's had so much go into it, and presents such a wide swath of content, we're going to give it a thorough playing before weighing in. In the meantime, here's the GT5 launch trailer which includes several new scenes of racing action in everything from sexy exotics to go-karts.

BOOM video 7263