Call of Duty: Black Ops Patch Tweaks CPU Performance

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 22, 2010 5:40am PST Another patch was deployaed for the PC edition of Treyarch's record-breaking shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops on Saturday via Steam, bringing more much-awaited performance tweaks and fixes for a handful of other issues.

As with the previous performance patch, there's no clear consensus on how much this actually remedies the PC version's notorious performance woes, as our own Xav experienced. If you played Cod Blops on PC over the weekend, how did you find it?

Here's the short but sweet changelog for Saturday's patch:

  • CPU performance improvements
  • Zombie matchmaking improvements
  • Fix for locked ADS after pressing shift-TAB to bring up Steam overlay
  • Fix for ADS while holding shift as a sniper

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