Weekend Confirmed Episode 35

By Garnett Lee, Nov 19, 2010 12:20pm PST

Thanksgiving might be a week away but the new release feast is in full swing. After a couple of quick follow ups to last week's Black Ops coverage, Garnett, Brian, and Jeff serve up Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, 007: Blood Stone, and Donkey Kong Country Returns as the main dishes in Whatcha' Been Playin? The reactionary commentary of ESPN's 1st and Ten cast in response to Kobe's appearance in the Black Ops ads starts off the Warning. Your thoughts on shooter fatigue, urgency without a ticking clock, and more take the conversation right up to the Front Page. October's NPD sales numbers and Bizarre Creation's uncertain future headline a full slate of news.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 35 - 11/19/2010

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Whatcha' Been Playin: Start: 00:00:00 End: 00:31:07

Whatcha' Been Playin and Cannata-ford a New Game: Start: 00:32:10 End: 01:03:58

The Warning: Start: 01:05:08 End: 01:37:16

Music Break featuring "Never Get 2 See U Again": 01:37:16 End: 01:40:30

The Front Page: Start: 01:40:30 End: 02:11:14

NFL 'Tailgate': Start: 02:12:15 End: 02:20:42

Music Break this week features "Never Get 2 See U Again" by Beta. Chris Contreras aka Beta is an emcee and aspiring filmmaker hailing from Southern California. The Hip Hop culture and movies have made a huge impact in his life, and to his work. Beta is also an avid gamer. "Never Get 2 See U Again" is a collaboration between Beta and his brother Brandon Menace (who is currently in the military stationed in Japan). He has known and worked with Tak/Ribkat from the acclaimed groups Fort Minor and Styles of Beyond, for many years. For more from Beta, keep up with him on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Original music in the show by Del Rio. Get his latest single, Small Town Hero on iTunes. Check out more, including the Super Mega Worm mix and other mash-ups on his ReverbNation page or Facebook page.

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58 Threads | 298 Comments
  • So about Modern Warfare 3...

    I think the fundamental issue holding COD back from being a great sandbox shooter experience is that it must play by the rules of the real world so to speak. In Halo, Half Life, Gears and Killzone, the developers have creative freedom when they design vehicles and weapons that can do all these cool things such as the Ghost, Needler, Gravity Gun etc.

    What infinity Ward needs to do then is use existing weapons and technologies found in MW and apply them in new and interesting ways. Jeff's example of letting the player decide where to place the explosive is a good example of this.
    Thinking this through I'm reminded of Andre Kobin's Mansion level in Splinter Cell: Conviction, but I want them to take it a step further regarding player choice and how you approach each mission.

    I want choice. Give me an objective. Give me a staging area. Give me the play space, and let me do what I want.

    Hypothetical Scenario:
    You, as Soap must infiltrate a heavily fortified building and kidnap/extract an NPC that has valuable information. I want them to give me free reign of what weapons and vehicles i choose to approach the mission, where I begin the mission; as long as I complete the objective, then how I accomplish it shouldn't matter. Let's continue...
    Playing cooperatively on Xbox Live/PSN with you is your friend who assumes the role of Captain Price, who is fighting alongside you. You also have a 2nd friend on Live/PSN who is playing as another character, but they are not alongside you, instead they are off location operating a drone above your location calling out enemy locations (using voice chat) for yourself and Price to neutralise or evade based on heat signatures. Once you have captured your objective, the both of you must then escape with your prisoner, and rendezvous in the vehicle you chose now controlled by your 2nd co-op friend.

    Highly unlikely to happen, but it's nice to want things.
    I'm keen to see what Respawn Entertainment create. I'm hoping for them to take risks and push the genre forward in single player, just like they did in the multiplayer space.

  • Does anyone have any thoughts on NFS: HP? I loved Burnout Paradise but didn't care much for the Hot Pursuit demo. Anyone feel the same way and end up liking Hot Pursuit? Is this a case of a bad demo? Part of what turned me off in the demo was the cars felt like they were very touchy. Also, the race (only played the cop one because I have no friends :p ) was very short and easy especially considering I didn't feel like I was racing very well. My love of Burnout, Jeff's comments, and black friday deals make me wonder if I should just buy this on good faith.

  • I get fatigue in spells with Battlefield 2142 and BC2 so I'll take a few weeks or months off, but then I'll sit down and play a few rounds and can't believe how I forgot how much fun it is to play. I don't know if I'd call it over-saturation, but I really don't feel the need to invest in another game that I'll have to learn from scratch, level up, etc when I'm already happy with what I'm playing.

    Speaking of fatigue, I think that's why DJ Hero isn't doing so well, music games are moving past their prime IMO. Yesterdays music games are today's Kinetic, a fun sort of 'bring it out and play' new fad that will eventually be replaced.

    You guys know sales and industry trends more than most, I'm assuming, so do these game types 'bell curve' out when looking at sales over time. You're always going to have those FPS, PRG, Music, etc gamers that were playing before the fad, play thru the fad and then will still play after a new fad takes it's place. Given the sales of Black Ops, are we at the peak of the curve or still going upward with FPS games? If the next title doesn't outsell Black Ops, then do we need to look at whether we're starting down the curve?


    Considering how Modern Warfare 2 ends, a good way evolve and change up the game play for the Call of Duty series would be to take a Halo: Reach approach. i.e. Have a very tight focus on one character (preferably Soap) and make it about the narrative and not just about the next big set-piece. Build to the big action and not just have all these “11” moments, the best shooter of this generation (Bioshock, The Halos’, Kill zone 2, and Portal) feel like their big action moments have a beginning, middle and end, they make you go “wow” when the awesomeness starts, not get cynical when it can’t compete with a last one. Splinter Cell Conviction saved the series by taking risk, I don’t think COD needs saving, I just don’t want to see it go the Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk path. But with only a 2-year development window it’ll never happen. Call of Hero or Hawk of Duty, FTW? :o(

  • Garnett was absolutely right.

    Activision is not in their current financial situation because they were cold and ruthless, or because they cut new IP that failed to ignite the sales charts on the first take.

    Yes, they make a TON of money off of Blizzard, but only after they accrued the millions necessary to make the deal. Activision made those millions off what titles?

    Tony Hawk - Arguably the first serious attempt to make a skateboarding game that celebrated skater culture, but presented as an accessible, arcade-style experience. New genre, new IP, arguably aimed at a completely new audience. Risky.

    Call of Duty - Took a chance on a start-up by some ex-EA guys who wanted to take a different look at war games. Instead of putting the play in the role of action hero out to single-handedly save the world, the player would be made to feel like just one soldier in a large, brutal, group effort. Eventually hit critical mass when those guys begged to be allowed to take the series into the modern era. Risk.

    Guitar Hero - A developer that had never made a major commercial success. A game that required a $100 to work. A completely new genre. A new IP. Maybe a TAD risky?

    Now, to be fair to Activision, they HAVE bank-rolled quite a few new IPs this generation:

    DJ Hero
    Transformers: War for Cybertron

    Of those, only Prototype and Transformers are likely to get sequels.