Operation Flashpoint: Red River Gets First Screenshots, Live-Action Trailer

BOOM widget 217883 Codemasters has unveiled the first screenshots for Operation Flashpoint: Red River as well as a live-action trailer it says "sets the tone" for the internally-developed battlefield shooter.

"Our goal is to take gamers as close to the experience of being a US Marine as possible, in both single-player and co-op," said creative director Sion Lenton. "From the tactics Marines use to the weapons they deploy and even the way that they interact with each other, this objective is core to everything that goes in the game. It's this laser focus that ensures Red River will stand apart from tired corridor shooters and immerse players in a rewarding, tactical theatre of war."

A gameplay trailer is promised for next week. Operation Flashpoint: Red River is slated for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 "1st April and the end of June" in 2011.

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