Swarm Headed to XBLA, PSN in Early 2011

Developer Hothead Games has confirmed that its new action-puzzle title Swarm will be released on both Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network in "early 2011."

nope Hothead's Director of Game Technology, Joel DeYoung describes the game's charmingly obtuse (and blue) protagonists, and the inspiration for the game's style:

The Swarmites are both lovable and deliciously expendable at the same time-the game's creation is proof positive of the dangers of excessive exposure to Saturday morning cartoons we were warned about so many years ago. Swarm is exactly the genocidal romp your parents hoped you'd grow up and marry someday.

In Swarm, players take simultaneous control of fifty of the diminutive and portly "Swarmites," as they attempt to guide the little dudes through hazard-filled levels while collecting "valuable DNA and ensure that at least one Swarmite survives."

Swarm doesn't have an official price point yet, or a release date beyond "early 2011."

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