Starkiller Goes Evil, Travels to Endor in Upcoming DLC for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

BOOM widget 217727 According to IGN, the first downloadable content for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 will see Starkiller venture into the Ewok infested planet moon of Endor.

So, will Starkiller be fighting with or against the adorable and irritating race first introduced in Return of the Jedi? Force Unleashed 2 executive producer Gio Corsi told IGN that "there will be battles with Ewoks!" For the DLC, Starkiller had succumbed to the Dark Side.

"We like to call this an "infinite storyline", much like the Hoth Bonus Mission from the first Force Unleashed game that gave us an alternate take on that iconic battle from the Empire Strikes Back," Corsi said in an exclusive interview, which features the DLC's announcement.

In the DLC, players will not be able to bring their leveled version of Starkiller into the experience. Instead, the team decided to level Starkiller different for the DLC "since this adventure falls into the 'infinite universe.'"

Neither a release date or price for the DLC was revealed in the announcement.