Evening Reading: of LAN Parties and F1 Champions

By Garnett Lee, Nov 15, 2010 5:00pm PST I got together with some friends on Saturday for a small LAN party. Blasphemous, I know, but we played on our 360s. Tell you what; it proved to me just how bad ass FiOS is. We ran all four of us on Live and played Black Ops and Halo:Reach without any hiccups. It was also interesting contrasting the two very different styles of play in the two games. Not a bad way to spend the day at all.

Was also a good weekend sporting-wise with Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel taking home the driver's championship for the season and my Cowboys doing a complete identity change and playing with heart in beating the New York football Giants.

Here we are back kicking off another week on the Shack with today's videogame news:

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  • Computer Repair/Virus question:

    Checking over a relative's computer, and a number of things had gone wrong suddenly. He said his BIOS based virus detection had gone off and asked me what he should do (some BIOS's have a boot sector check that tries to see if you've been rootkitted).

    I got there the next day, and his motherboard battery was dead, so his CMOS was wiped. I replaced the battery, but windows wouldn't boot (just the black screen + blinking cursor in the top left forever).

    Ran HDD diagnostics from a boot disk I have, and it cleared (no bad sectors). Managed to get fdisk to run and ran /fixmbr, which got windows to load back up for me. Just a blue screen with a mouse cursor on it when I get there though, no matter how long I wait.

    So I track down an XP Pro OEM disc and repair the installation, and I get to the login screen now, but when I login, just the blue screen+cursor happens again.

    I suspect that if I make a new account on the computer, it'll work, and I'll have to migrate/repair his user account. Gonna start doing that in a minute here.

    My question is this: have you ever heard of a virus pulling shit like this? This seems so mindlessly destructive, if so. I keep thinking there's just a hardware failure beyond the dead BIOS battery, but everything passes all the tests I throw at it. This relative is an old man who just uses the computer for his tax company, so he doesn't get malware and shit from porn sites.