Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer Shows How You Can be the Worst Friend In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The latest developer-commentated video for BioWare's MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic, details the game's "Crew Skills" system. Using the system, players can pick up several companions who can be assigned to gather items, craft materials or join you on missions. Additionally, players can have up to five crew members working on their ship automatically as they journey through hostile lands in a galaxy far, far away.

While only one member can accompany you on quests, the others can be assigned special tasks on your ship and out in the world without requiring the player to be present. On top of that, these new A.I. pals can be forced to work at all times while you're offline.

BOOM video 7168

Basically, the game features the ability to be the worst friend in over twelve systems. All that's missing is a lightsaber-powered bullwhip. But I suppose that's being held for an upcoming expansion pack.

Star Wars: The Old Republic launches for PC in 2011.