Ubisoft Sales Improve but Still Operating at a Loss; New Ghost Recon and Driver Delayed Again

Ubisoft has released its financial results report for the first-half of 2010-11, showing a 57 percent increase in sales. The Paris-based developer and publisher announced sales for the reporting period were €260 million ($354.2M) versus €166M ($226.1M) last year.

During the six-month period, Ubisoft reported a net loss of €89.8M ($122.3M). In the same period last year, Ubisoft's net loss capped at €52M ($70.6M).

A primary reason for the continued loss was the company's reorganization of studios, which presumably means the recent opening of Ubisoft Toronto and the "scaling back" of operations at Ubisoft Brazil. nope

In the report, Ubisoft revealed that two of its upcoming titles, Driver: San Francisco and Ghost Recon: Future Solider, will be pushed into its 2011-12 line-up. Although the report does not specify either game's release window, Ubisoft's current fiscal year will not end until March 2011 meaning both titles won't see release until at least April 2011.

Both the modern Driver: San Francisco and the futuristic Ghost Recon have been delayed in the past. If both games continue to be pushed, Driver will become a period piece and Ghost Recon will slide its way into the modern shooter category.

In the second-quarter of the reported period, Ubisoft says that sales were higher than the "guidance of around €83 million" ($113M), issued at the end of the first quarter. According to the company, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 and R.U.S.E. "performed below expectations," while digital offers saw a "twofold increase."

Notable success from the digital market came from the downloadable title Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, sales of unspecified downloadable content, and its PC game offerings (Always-on DRM and all, apparently).

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