Morning Discussion

I started playing this new game last night, it's called Red Dead Redemption and I think you might like it. I'm having a grand time in New Austin, a rewarding existence of herding cows and roping horses. It's just me, my chum Bonnie and the great outdoors. Sure, I've had cause to draw my shooting iron once or twice but life then moseys on back to its sedate pace. It's tough work but rewarding, I really feel I've accomplished something at the end of the day. I only hope nothing shatters this peaceful idyll. That would be terrible!

If you like the idea of the agricultural life but find Farming Simulator 2011 a touch too hardcore for your tastes, I can highly recommend Red Dead Redemption. It's the most fun I've had herding cattle since... a game I can't quite recall. You know the one. The mainstream game which had a cattle herding mission for no real reason. Please, tell me what it is because I'm doing my nut in trying to remember.

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