Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 11, 2010 5:00am PST

What do you want, blood? I'll tell you what--you can have Things Organized Neatly, An Invisible Empire of Sidewalks and Gutterspace, a Love Spy and the most amazing artificial reef you'll ever see and I get to keep my blood as I get back to work, okay? Okay. Good. Fine. Remember to be Vigilant. Good day to you.

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  • 1) So I'm in the other room and I hear my computer shut down. My main system is on, but both monitors are black (amber lights instead of normal green on the on buttons). Hard drive is running fine, lights on keyboard/mouse are on, fans are running, etc.

    I have a 2nd computer on the network and I can still navigate the files on my main system. It even is pulling the wallpaper I have stored in the folder from my main machine to the 2nd machine.

    When I disconnect the cable from the video card, I get "no signal". The red lights on my video card light up when I boot. Tried taking things out, putting them in, cleaning them, etc. So is my video card dead? I have also read it might be bad ram? Is that possible?

    My 2nd system is an old system and doesn't even have pci-e for me to swap a card to test. I hate to just throw money at it. >:(

    2) If I do have to buy a new vid card, what is recommended? I don't care if Nvidia or AMD/ATI ... and willing to go to $200 or something a little more expensive if it's worth it. Something decent but doesn't have to be cutting edge/run a weather simulator.