Activision's Social Media Manager Wants Bugs in Call of Duty: Black Ops Reported; Asks for Civility

Dan "One of Swords" Amrich recommends keeping a level head in the face of any issues you may encounter during your experience with Call of Duty: Black Ops. We think that's some sound advice after witnessing the horror of some owners during last night's midnight launch.

On his blog, Activision's social media manager suggested that any real-world problems--disc not reading, missing components--be reported on the Activision customer support page.

For in-game issues, specifically finding or encountering bugs within the game, Amrich recommends posting a detailed account of the errors on the official Call of Duty message board.

Of course, Amrich recommends being polite when reporting issues. Other than being the civilized thing to do, it makes it easier to pinpoint the problems. "Insults in all caps might make you feel better, but it makes it tougher to get to the useful stuff," Amrich notes. It's a great point and we certainly hope the gaming world will take heed.

What are your first impressions of Call of Duty: Black Ops? Have you encountered any bugs?