Sony Releases PlayStation Move 'Momentum' Infographic

BOOM widget 217012 On its PlayStation Blog, Sony released an infographic detailing the "momentum" of the PlayStation Move hardware, since launch.

According to the image, 30% of users "who intend to purchase the PlayStation Move" are women, 25% of those looking to the Move for a future purchase are over age 35, and half of potential Move customers are parents. Additionally, the chart claims that "more than 60% of people interested in buying the PlayStation Move already own a Wii," under a heading that asks "Upgrading your motion gaming?"

In the hardware's "first 30 days since its release," Sony notes that "one million units shipped in North and Latin America." This same statistic was revealed by Sony last month, and at the time it was unclear what was considered "one unit."

When asked whether the PlayStation Move hardware and console bundles were included in the "one million units shipped" figure--as well as the optional Navigation controller--a PlayStation rep told Shacknews that "one unit" is specific to the PlayStation Move controller itself, "no matter how it's packaged."

So, the "one million" figure includes all standalone Move units, Sports Champions hardware bundles, and the PS3 console bundle with the Move controller. Navigation controllers and PlayStation Eye hardware are separate from this figure.