Weekend Confirmed Episode 33

By Garnett Lee, Nov 05, 2010 12:00pm PDT Microsoft unleashed the Kinect sensor add-on that brings controller-less play to the Xbox 360 and we've been playing with it and the first batch of games. But Dance Central, Kinect Adventures, and Kinect Sports aren't the only thing in Whatcha' Been Playin? The GoldenEye remake for Wii, Z.H.P., Fable 3, and more get in on the act as well. Your thoughts on videogame length, achievement systems, and the concepts of universal design spur the conversation in the Warning. We break down both sides in the challenge to California's law to prohibit the sales of violent games to minors heard by the US Supreme Court as well as rumors of a poker game headed to Xbox Live, the cancellation of NBA Elite, and more.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 33 - 11/05/2010

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Whatcha' Been Playin and Cannata-ford a New Game: Start: 00:32:05 End: 01:06:02

The Warning: Start: 01:07:08 End: 01:42:08

Music Break featuring "Fireworks": 01:42:08 End: 01:45:36

The Front Page: Start: 01:45:36 End: 02:18:38

NFL 'Tailgate': Start: 02:19:40 End: 02:26:37

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  • Just wanted to make a couple points real quick.
    On the subject game adaptability I must say that the Fable 2 combat systems came the closest to actually pulling it off that I have seen. You could easily work your way through the game button mashing if that was level you wanted, on the other hand by leveling up your abilities and learning the timing system your could perform an amazing array of combat. From shooting guns from peoples then hands quickly using three or for spells and finishing with a flourish of your sword all a small group of enemies.

    Which brings me to my next point. Which is my big problem with Fable 3. From the fade to black interactions to the teleporting to your "menu" (which luckily you do not regenerate health during) to what feels like a much less refined and enjoyable combat system and yet another teleport to your "skill tree" I find Fable 3 to be one of the least immersive games I have played in quite sometime. It feels as thought in order to players pretty swords and "the weight of the world" they end up doing just the opposite. By making the act of meeting people into a fade to black mini-game followed by a cookie cutter fetch quest they have taken any immersion out of it. The fluid way you would gather a group in fable 2 and perform their approval always put a smile on my face taking me out of the game to dance with just one player and the be dropped back into the game leaves my feeling unaffected if not annoyed. That was my favorite part of fable, feeling immersed in the world ,and with as often as they remove me from it, it has started to feel like fake and ill conceived in parts. Lionhead lost sight of it's true start in the franchise, Albion.

    Last bit comment and then I'll go. I promise...

    On the 2-3 game discussion. I feel that it is true I rarely finished 10-15 hour games that do not support the game with good mechanics and stories (which I never skip), most so recently with the amount of top tier games released this year. I think the 2-3 game market would be huge if the price was kept low enough to make a somewhat valuable option. I would love nothing more than another uncharted released in the engine that was something I could set down to play (and have my girlfriend watch) on a rainy afternoon. That being said the value for a three hour piece of entertainment has already be set by disc prices. A blu-ray is about $25-$30 new and game would have to be around that price to compete as well as have gameplay that would keep players coming back to play it on occasion.

    I lied. too many great talking points this week.

    it was mentioned that it might be a possibility to start a player a small social game like pub games and then give them the choice to branch out in a bigger experience. Fable 2 kind of tried this with the buy as you go model which I believe was said top have gone ok. What a great way to get people to try some thing new start them off small and then offer more and more of the world to at a small fee. A great way for game that has finished it sales cycle to find new legs.

    Ok, now I gotta go!