• I saw Iron Man II the other night.
    In some ways, I liked it better than the first one: Jeff Bridges just didn't work for me as a villain in the first one, while Rourke did (I didn't even think the whip thing was silly), and the Tony - Rhodesy relationship worked pretty well.
    However, it feels like it could have been so much better. Tony-Pepper felt shallow and rather pat, and while thinking of the Rourke as the villain, I just don't see why they decided to portray Tony's father as actually being a selfless hero, while Ivan's father was "just in it for the money". Are we afraid of villains that have somewhat legitimate motivations? Wouldn't it have been more intriguing and more emotionally engaging if Ivan, an undeniably evil man, in this particular case had a legitimate grievance?

  • Watercooling.

    so I got a GTX 280 with a water block and ram sinks on the way. I've never done watercooling before and I think I may ditch the gear on it and go back to air cooling with it. I am somewhat interested in doing it though so here are some questions.

    How easy is it? It's got 1/2" barbs on it and I was looking at heater cores on ebay. I all ready have a TRUE on top of the AM3 board but I am thinking of maybe picking up an additional water block for that too.

    Have water blocks changed much in the last 10 years or is still focusing on the heater core?

    And finally, water and electricity don't mix. Anyone know of people that sprung a leak and toasted their entire system?