Morning Discussion

Today's the big day when, at long last, people go wireless. For thousands of years, people lived their lives tethered to strands. First, millennia ago, it was fleshy tendrils which pulled us together into one heaving mass of flesh several miles wide, then we invented fibrous rope and were tethered to our loved ones lest they be lost in the snow, before metal was invented and we became entangled with electronic devices. Now, the day all human history has been building towards has arrived: Kinect has launched.

Check out Garnett's review to see how he got along with the motion-sensing controller peripheral for Xbox 360. You might also fancy a trip back in time to when Kinect and PlayStation Move were just rumours then relive the past eighteenth months of frantic movement with our Project Natal--as it was once known--and Kinect archives.

So, what do you make of it all? Do you have any plans to pick up Kinect? What would it take for you to buy one? Me, I shan't be getting Kinect myself as I loathe video games but I do predict it'll sell enormously better than the majority of 'hardcore gamers' insist.

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