Super Meat Boy Developers Eying Retail as Solution to WiiWare Filesize Limitation

Super Meat Boy's planned WiiWare release has been delayed following Team Meat's struggle to bring the game's size down to 39mb in order to squeeze by Nintendo's limit for the platform.

nope One possible solution would be to go retail and Team Meat has asked fans on Twitter if this is an avenue worth pursuing, writing:

if we decided to try to find a publisher & do a boxed version for $20 (with extras) but come out later on the wii, would you hold out?

Team Meat told Shacknews "the size limit is a huge issue. We are looking into our options and talking things over with Nintendo to see what we can do," adding, "We are trying to deal with these issues with the mind set of making the best version of the game as possible above all else."

The PC version is on track for a November release, but any Wii release this month will be "impossible." What say you, Shacknews reader? Would you wait for a boxed release on the Wii? Who do you think should publish the game?