Okamiden Adorably Wagging its Tail to Retail in March

BOOM widget 216646 Capcom has revealed that the DS-exclusive sequel to the--now defunct--Clover Studio original Okami is coming to retail in North America and Europe in March.

Okamiden will arrive in North America on March 15, while European gamers will get their hands on the baby wolf-god thing on March 18.

GameStop is getting in on the action with a limited edition pre-order bonus, Capcom revealed. The offer gives players a stylish paintbrush-style stylus and DS screen cleaner, featuring art from the upcoming game.

Capcom has also launched a new Facebook application to promote the game, dubbed the "Goblin Mask." To entice people into the world of Facebook promo titles, Capcom is giving away "a 3DS, a copy of the game, Chibiterasu plushies, and other cool prizes." All you have to do is draw some funny faces. Seems like a solid trade.