'Shattered Horizon' and 'Lead and Gold' Free to Play This Weekend on Steam; Bundled for 60% Off

Developers Fat Shark and Futuremark have combined forced this weekend, offering a free trial for each company's respective titles on Steam this weekend.

Both Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West and Shattered Horizon will be available from November 4 until November 7 as a free download, for users to play on Steam.

Lead and Gold will be dropped down to $7.49 during the weekend, while Shattered Horizon will be discounted to $9.99. If both online-focused shooter titles tickle your fancy, the two games can be snatched up in a bundle for $12.49 during the same period.


It's great that Shattered Horizon is getting some kind of demo treatment, as the game requires quite a bit of horsepower to run properly. This is your chance to see if the game is right for you. Lead and Gold is just buckets of Wild West-themed fun, and the trial (at the very least) should at take a spot in your scheduled weekend game time.